Professor Buchman was a professor of History and Archeology at the college before he assumed the Position of Vice President.  He returned to the faculty before his retirement.  He is a recognized authority on Ohio History and Native American History of the lower Great Lakes.  He has been a visiting professor at BGSU, OSU, Heidelberg University, and Bacone College ( a Native American College in Muskogee Oklahoma)  He is current the City Historian of the City of Defiance and a member of the Lecture Team for the National Endowment for Humanities.  He is the author of Several Boos, his most current is "A Sorrowful Journey" the story of the removal of the Shawnee, Ottawa, and Seneca Natives from Ohio in 1831 he is in the process of writing "Letters from Karl" the story of a Civil War ancestor from Ohio.

Randy Buchman Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus