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Joe Crookston believes in stories.  You’ll be pulled in by the magic and musical world he creates and you’ll end up in the moment, humming & buzzing with the rest of the crowd.

He’ll sing to you ~You’ll sing with him…

His story songs are universal, masterful and his concerts are a grand celebration of all of us. Come to a show…You’ll ride along mystical, historical, and humorous roads, and twist through personal stories along the way. From the first strum of his 1948 Gibson, through stories of ruby red dresses, Tinian Island, Dylan Thomas, Taoist parables and drunken roosters you’ll be drawn in. It happens every time.



"You gotta come to the show. Through his spirit and playfulness and his unwavering courage to be himself, you will be moved in ways you didn’t expect. He is literate, poignant and funny as hell. ~ You’ll be glad you came."


More info about Joe and links to audio and video of Joe in action at:


Advance Ticket Purchase

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Advance tickets for Joe Crookston Concert recommended.

Reservations and advance tickets for dinner required.


Joe Crookston in Concert


Sunday, April 6, 2014

4 p.m. Fayette Opera House

Fayette, Ohio


Benefit dinner immediately following the concert

supports youth programs

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