Monday, May 1, 2017

Law Day









Premier Spring 2018


A new play by Jan Younger, PhD,

commissioned by the Fayette Community Fine Arts Council

to tell the story ofNorma Ginnivan and the Ginnavan Tent Show

that was headquartered in Fayette, Ohio.

Dr. Younger is the author of

As Different as a Frog and a Grizzly,

 presented at the Opera House in May 2014.

Steinem-Nyce Series:
Civil Discussions & Civic Engagement

Named for two well known Fayette residents, William (Bill) Steinem and Robert (Doc) Nyce, this series brings up topics of civic importance for civil discussion. Scholars inform us, historians provide perspective, and community members provide the discussion, exploring the impact on our community. 


Bill and Doc may have represented opposite ends of the political spectrum on many issues, but they shared respect for each other and willingness to work together in support of their many shared values.  Their generosity and support of our community are the model and inspiration for this series initiated in the 2013/2014 season.