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Fayette Community Arts Council Board



Dee  Lawrence, President

Lucy Molitierno, Vice President

Grace Sly, Secretary

Al Lawrence, Treasurer

Ruth Marlatt, Facilities

Tina Snider, Programming

Steve Snider, Programming/Building Maintenance

Kathie Donaldson, Special Events

Sue Schaffner, Special Events


Ken Thatcher

Becky Thatcher

Colleen Rufenacht

Tom Galbraith

Ruth Hutchinson


Ex officio Members

Don Glasgow, Reed Organ Series




Bean Creek Valley History Center (BCVHC)


Colleen Rufenacht*, Founding Curator, BCVHC

Ruth Marlatt*, Founding Archival Librarian, BCVHC

Lucy Molitierno*, Support Services Coordinator, BCVHC

Tom Spiess, FCFAC Executive Director

Julie Miller, Citizen Advocate, BCVHC -Franklin Twp.

Don Buerk, PhD, Citizen Advocate, BCVHC - Madison Twp.

               Defiance College History Department Chair, Project Consultant



Program Development: Old Stories - New Works


Don Buerk, PhD, Defiance College History Department Chair

Susan Burke, arts education advocate and consultant

Ruth Marlatt*, Village Mayor, educator, citizen advocate

Colleen Rufenacht*, citizen advocate, educator

Tom Spiess, FCFAC Exec. Dir., educator, civizen advocate

Jan Younger, PhD., presidential scholar, professor emeritus Heidleberg University Honors Program, playwright


*Fayette Community Fine Arts Council (FCFAC) board member

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