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Bringing together four musicians from the greater Toledo area, the Cottonwood Jam String Band plays a blend of traditional Old Time Appalachian, Folk, and Dance music.


Cottonwood Jam String Band plays a rousing concoction of Americana: bluegrass, old-time, Irish, folk, a dash of blues, and a tad of Cajun, for concerts and contra dances.


Renata Burgett wields the fiddle, churning out barn burners and sweet waltzes.

Marti Clayton plays rhythm guitar and sings.

Spencer Cunningham strums and picks banjos, guitar, and mandolin and sings.

Tahree Lane plucks the bass and lends vocals.


On Feb. 15, they'll sing love songs with a nod to Valentine's Day and a tribute to the late Pete Seeger.

Cottonwood Jam String Band

Cottonwood Jam String Band

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